Friday, January 4, 2008

Damn Good Brownies

One of the most classic simple sweets out there but finding a good brownie is hard. They can be too cakey or too moist making it taste like it wasn't cooked long enough.

This recipe is not only rich and chocolaty but the texture is smooth and melts in your mouth.

Stay sweet!


Jessica said...

These look dense, dark, and wonderful. Do you notice a difference in taste between brownies made with cocoa powder and brownies made with melted chocolate?

Carla said...

When I first tried this recipe I was worried about the same thing. Powder vs. melted. They came out so good I didn't even notice. I think a blind taste test in in order.

Michael Corley said...

The blob taught us that evil has no shape. But clearly the evil of deliciousness comes in rectangular pans.

Carla said...

Michael, you have such a talent for making me laugh. Thanks for making by day better, it's been a tough week.

Sophie said...

I've been meaning to tell you that I love the idea of putting recipes to video! I'm one of those people that learns by seeing things live/looking at pictures, so that type of set-up is pretty ideal for me. :)